Stanley Cup Finals 2019

With the Stanley Cup Finals set to begin in Boston on Monday night, there will at least be a small, vocal contingent cheering the visitors on.

In the spirit of giving, the St. Louis Blues surprised every single full-time team employee by giving them a trip to Boston for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

It’s a heartwarming act of charity from the team that’s about to play its first game in the finals since 1970.

These folks definitely deserved it, though. They stuck with the team every step of the way this year, even when they were dead last in the NHL, and now they’re being rewarded for their hard work.

Ownership wanted to recognize the effort that the full-time employees of the team put in over the years in order to transform the Blues into the championship-contending team that they are today.

The Blues have a chance to avenge their loss from almost 50 years ago, when the Boston Bruins swept them in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Now they’ll be able to root their players on live in the most important games of their lives.

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